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Oh, Sweet Honey Iced Tea
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Oh, Sweet Honey Iced Tea

Sonntag, 15. Dezember 2013

You, too, Can Knit

I can't knit.

Well, I can't knit with knitting needles. Don't know the first thing about them.

I'd like to.

I can't seem to find anyone to teach me, and those online tutorials and the books that claim to be able to teach anyone to knit just don't work for me.

I need to learn face-to-face.

One day, my good friend Patty showed me how to knit on a loom, handed me a partially contructed knitting project, and told me to finish it up.

I never finished it. It ended up a jumbled mess on my nightstand.

But I unraveled it and made something new. This was my first knifty knitter project:

I made that hat in under two hours with a skein of yarn and a Knifty Knitter. I'd never knitted or crocheted anything in my life before this. Not bad, right?

So you, yes, even you, can knit with a loom. All you need is a loom, some yarn, and about two hours.

If you have several more hours, you can make something bigger. This double-knit infinity scarf, only the second thing I've ever knitted with my loom, took me six hours to make:

That scarf was six skeins of yarn in two colors. It is really very easy to make. I didn't even pay it much attention, just started knitting watching Doctor Who (finished up season five while knitting this). To join it together, I used a sewing needle to connect the end stitches.

So, I don't have a tutorial for you, but rather a couple of links for you to follow. The Knifty Knitter changed the way I craft. It makes creating things from yarn so easy. Even after I learn more traditional methods, I will still pick these up to craft with because I love the stitch it makes.

Here is a link to the Knifty Knitter page.

Here's a Pinterest page with tons of Knifty Knitter pattern ideas. And here's another one. And another board. And one more.

Go forth and knit. You can finish several projects between now and Christmas. And won't everyone be impressed by your new talent?

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