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Oh, Sweet Honey Iced Tea
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Oh, Sweet Honey Iced Tea

Dienstag, 3. Dezember 2013

Sugar Hand & Body Scrub

This is so simple, so inexpensive, so fast. It's a perfect candidate for last-minute, low-cost holiday gift giving. You could even make a small pot of this sugar scrub for all the ladies in your office and have them done in one sitting. 

It reminds me a little of Mary Kay Satin Hands, without the crazy price tag. Best of all, you can tailor it to your favorite scent, color, and skin care needs. 

All you need is a container (I used an old Yankee Candle jar, and my daughter used a plastic corn starch canister), sugar, and liquid soap (we used body wash, but dish soap, liquid hand soap would all work, too). Slap on a label, and maybe a bow or some ribbon, and you've got a great gift to give. 

Sugar Hand Scrub (link)

total time spent: 10 minutes
cost to me: $5 makes multiple gifts (does not include jar cost, so upcycle those jars!)
craftiness level: beginner

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