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Oh, Sweet Honey Iced Tea
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Oh, Sweet Honey Iced Tea

Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2013

Pottery Barn Knock-Off Mirror

The Plague has hit my house. 

It's awful. You send your kid to one birthday party and they come home and take out the whole family. 

I swear, the world is not going to end in some bloody battle or a nuclear explosion. We're going to be taken out by modern-day viruses. This one is terrible. We're all dizzy and light-headed, headachey and upset in the tummy. 

Anyway, it's what happens when you send a germy kid to a germy birthday party with a zillion other germy kids. They bring back The Plague. 

And still, December marches on. There are crafts to complete! This one is fun and easy and cheap, and I have some suggestions on how you can improve upon the original (and my own) design to help make yours even better. 

Pottery Barn Mirror Knock-Off (link)

total time spent: 30 minutes
total cost to me: ~$15
craftiness level: beginner

Follow the link above for the original instructions, but first, let me give you a few pointers:

  • Really overdo it on the duct tape. Every seam, every frame, and diagonal. And still, add more. Go over your tape a couple times. Use the whole roll. Here's mine, but I ended up adding more:

  • If you're going to hang your mirror, glue *and* staple the ribbon to give it extra stability. Be careful not to staple it to the mirror itself, but rather the frame, or you will be so very, very sad to see the shattered mirror that results, and you'll have to start all over again. 
  • Consider adding cardboard to the back for extra stability. Without it, my mirror was a bit wibbly-wobbly. 
  • Dollar Tree mirrors are not perfect things. Stand in the aisle for a good while and check the magnification of each mirror. Try to buy nine that look about the same. 
Have fun making your mirror!

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