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Oh, Sweet Honey Iced Tea
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Oh, Sweet Honey Iced Tea

A Few of My Favorite Things

Birchbox: For $10 a month, I get an adorable box of cosmetics and more delivered to my mailbox. It's like getting a present in the mail every month. I love Birchbox, and I've been a subscriber for years. I get awesome stuff like full-size eye liner, kickass shampoos and conditioners to try, hair accessories, delicious-smelling perfumes, and more. Best part: You get to personalize your profile to tailor your box contents to your preferences. 

Pick Your Plum: This site is so much fun, with their daily deals. I recently scored infinity scarves for a meager $3.49 each! Deals change daily, and they're limited, so you have to snag what you want quickly. 

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