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Oh, Sweet Honey Iced Tea
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Oh, Sweet Honey Iced Tea

Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2013

Paper Mache Bowl

Making this bowl opened me up to a total love of paper mache. There's something so richly satisfying about getting covered in flour/water glue and slapping ripped newspaper onto a mold, and then having it turn into something useful and pretty. 

This is one of my longer crafts, but still, it's only about 3 hours hands-on time, with plenty of time for drying. You can't do this one on Christmas Eve, but if you start it today, you've got way more than enough time to throw together a practically free present that's super impressive and fun to make. 

Paper Mache Bowl

total time spent: about 3 hours hands-on time
total cost to me: $8 for the Mod Podge, and $1 for the bow. I had everything else on hand. 
craftiness level: beginner to intermediate

You'll need:

  • flour and water for the paste
  • strips of torn newspaper
  • a bowl to use as a mold, in a shape you like
  • something to cover your bowl with later (I used dictionary pages, and you might do that, or use tissue paper, music sheets, or some other materials you love)
  • Mod Podge
  • a foam brush
  • embellishments if desired

  1. Make your flour/water paste. Mix one part flour to two parts water until completely blended. That's it. 
  2. Now, the fun part. COVER YOUR WORKSPACE WELL (NOT with newspaper, unless you want to paper mache your workspace, too. A Dollar Tree plastic tablecloth will do just fine.) and then start dipping your newspaper strips into your glue and plopping them onto your upside-down bowl. Cover the whole bowl this way. 
  3. Let this layer dry. You can speed it up with a hair dryer, if you want. Letting the layers dry is crucial to prevent mold later. 
  4. Once it's dry, do the whole thing again. Make another layer of paper mache on your bowl. Dry again.
  5. Keep going for as many layers as you want. I recommend four or five. The more layers you have, the stronger your final product will be. Two or three will be okay, if that's what you have time for. The Mod Podge we use later will help strengthen the bowl, too. 
  6. Let your bowl dry completely before proceding. 
  7. Now, you get to cover your bowl. I used squares of cut-up dictionary pages for mine. Decide what you want to cover yours with: gift wrap, tissue paper, book pages, whatever. You'll use your Mod Podge to attatch your coverings. Brush some Mod Podge onto your bowl where you're sticking your material, then brush the material itself and apply. Brush some mod podge over the top of the material. 
  8. Continue in this way until you're happy with the way the bowl looks, Mod Podge-ing the whole thing. 
  9. Let it dry completely. Overnight is good. 
  10. Now, would you like to embellish your bowl? Add whatever embellishments you like with a hot glue gun. 
  11. Enjoy your new bowl, or give it as a gift. I love mine. 

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