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Oh, Sweet Honey Iced Tea
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Oh, Sweet Honey Iced Tea

Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2013

Minecraft Birthday Party

Tuna is heavily into Minecraft right now. She plays on a few different servers, she's admin on a couple, and wants to start her own server and her own YouTube channel for tutorials and let's plays. So when we were choosing a birthday theme, Minecraft was an obvious choice. 

One problem: You don't just go to Party City and buy Minecraft stuff. It almost doesn't exist. No, if you want a Minecraft Party, you've got to be prepared to put some work in with scissors and glue. The benefit of that is cost savings, of course. 

Until you factor in ink cartridge cost. Don't factor that in. Just don't. 

We decorated with about a million of these papercrafts. It took forever to cut and tape them all together but the effect was worth the effort. We scattered them on all the party surfaces for decoration and for play. 

Our badass cake. For a table cover, I used green wrapping paper. I couldn't find anything in the right color for tablecloths. The wrapping paper worked great. I sprinkled decorator sea glass all over the tables instead of confetti. You know, Minecraft. Mining. "Gems." It worked. 

I bought these labels in PDF format on Etsy. Water was the only beverage served. We were sticking to Minecraft, serving only what's available in the game. 

We pixelated the windows and doors with masking tape. No residue is left behind if you peel it off within a day or two. Leave it for a couple weeks, as in the case of one of my never-used windows, and you're going to have to scrub it off. 

My Ghast pinata was my favorte party item. This thing took forever because I don't follow directions. I used party streamers, which I had to fringe little by little, to cover a printed box (so I had to go over it, like, ten times to cover the words). Worth every minute.

..because, I mean, check this thing out! How cool is that? Yes, it pained me to see if getting bashed. But it actually survived enough for Tuna to save it for her bedroom. 

 Guest "thank you" bags were simple brown lunch sacks (I wanted colored ones, but living in Bavaria right now, the pickins are slim) with Steve heads glued on. I put a glow stick ("torch") and cookies inside. Again, sticking with what's available in the game. 

This is a free printable banner. Free is my favorite. 

We served only food available in Minecraft. Our menu:

Cooked chicken (we grilled BBQ chicken)
Baked potato (scrubbed about a million and half of these) with all the fixings
Raw fish (Swedish fish)
Gold Ingot (Reese's peanut butter cups in the small gold wrappers)
Sticks (pretzels)
TnT (Twizzlers)

 Did I mention that Tuna has a flair for the dramatic? Here she is with our front door decoration. I threw this together with electrical tape and green poster board as a way to point out where the party was, in case the pixelated windows didn't do the trick. 

A couple of our food labels. Hubs made these from scratch in Power Point. 

The kids bobbed for apples (I had to demonstrate this to them, and let me tell you: it was fun as a kid, but as an adult, this really grosses me out), played Minecraft on three computers, and we played Minecraft parodies on You Tube. 

The party was a lot of work. The kids had a lot of fun. And at the end, I was exhausted. But I'd do it again anytime. It was worth it. 

Check out my Minecraft Party board on Pinterest for more inspiration for your own Minecraft party. 

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  1. Wow looks like such an awesome party with yummy food! You must have been exhausted after all the prepartions were done. Stopping by from "Showing Some Love Hump Day". Following via Bloglovin.
    Have a great day :)
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