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Oh, Sweet Honey Iced Tea
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Oh, Sweet Honey Iced Tea

Samstag, 4. Januar 2014

Life Changing Dog Hair Removal

Okay, so if you don't have a shedding dog, you're likely rolling your eyes at this blog post's title. You go on and roll those eyes. Come back and see me when your giant German Shepherd is leaving her legacy all over your house. 
PS Microfiber sofas love dog hair. 

Tumbleweeds. That's what we call those little balls of fur that fly all over the hardwood flooring. But the stuff that gets on the carpet..that's a different beast entirely. 

I have a Dyson. It doesn't get up all the dog hair. 

I have a Roomba. Wonderful contraption, does a great job. Still, it doesn't get up all the dog hair. 

I live life with a lint roller by the door so that I can quickly remove stray dog hairs from my outfit before I go. 

I bought a special comb for the dogs that says it greatly reduces shedding...the Furminator. Well, it does remove clumps of hair every single day, but it doesn't reduce shedding. It just gathers some of it up. 

I bought a hand-held vacuum whose selling point was dog hair removal. No. 

Then there was that rubber brush on a broom stick I bought. I had to scrape it across the carpet. It did remove some of the hair, but it was such a pain to use it. 

Clearly, when I find something that promises it will remove dog hair, I jump on it. I will buy anything that promises it removes dog hair. 

Dog hair is my nemesis. I want to conquer it. That's why I spend so much money on tools to rid my life of it. 

And then I heard murmurs of a simple, cheap way to get dog hair out of carpet. And you just know that I had to try it, right? Of course I had to try it. Because when your Dyson and your Roomba aren't cutting it, you do whatever. 

Even if whatever is squeegeeing your carpet. 

Oh, that's right. Squeegee. Carpet. 

Try it. 

It will change your life. 

Here's a particularly neglected stairwell. It leads to the basement. And no one likes going down there. Because maybe it feels a little haunted. So it gets neglected. That, and the stairs are open, so dog hair magically floats down there from the stairwells above it. 

These silly little carpet bits on my stairs really seem to collect the dog hair. And stairs are The Worst things to vacuum, aren't they? Usually we just sweep them and call it good, but the dog hair is just nearly impossible to keep up with. Here's a close-up of half a week's accumulation: 

And here's what the same step looks like after a quick once-over with the squeegee:

Quite a difference! This is just a basic squeegee, super inexpensive, and it does a great job. Just look at the glob of dog hair it took off this one step. Gross! I have three flights of stairs, and each flight has fourteen steps. They're such a pain to vacuum, and sweeping only gets a little bit of the hair. In under thirty seconds, I can squeegee one step and remove almost all of the dog hair. 

This simple trick has cleaned up our house nicely. If only I could find a way to repel dog hair from hardwood flooring...

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