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Oh, Sweet Honey Iced Tea
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Oh, Sweet Honey Iced Tea

Dienstag, 12. November 2013

Five (nonessential) Things I Don't Know What I'd Do Without

These are five things that save me time, money, and frustration, or make me otherwise feel happy. Of course they aren't essential items, but that's beside the point. I hope you'll find them useful.

  1. Stephanie O'Dea at Totally Together. I've followed this blogger since she began her Crock Pot cooking journey, vowing to use her slow cooker every single day for a full year. She went well beyond that goal and is a successful cookbook author now. Her little blogspot blog is now a well-organized, multi-faceted website with great tips to streamlining life.

    Why I can't live without it: Her slow cooker recipes are gluten-free and affordable, tested, and true. The recipes are easy to follow and don't include a zillion ingredients I can't find at my local stores. I use my slow cookers at least three or four times a week. Now, during NaNoWriMo, I've used it almost every day this month so far. In my Crock Pot right now: Creamy Beef.
  2. Birchbox. I've been a loyal subscriber to Birchbox's montly delivery for several years, and I have never, not once, been disappointed with the contents of my box. Each month, I get five or six sample-sized premium beauty and lifestyle products. These are not tiny magazine-insert samples. They are frequently enough for multiple applications, and several times a year, they're full sized samples. Some of my favorites to receive are full-sized eye liners, fancy shampoos, and nail polish.

    Why I can't live without it: For $10 a month, I get almost all the beauty products I need. I get to try new things every month. The latest polish colors, the newest hair serum technology, the trendiest lipsticks, high-end perfumes. They all arrive neatly packaged in girly pink paper. It's like Christmas every month. Also, taking super speedy surveys on the items I receive gets me free points to spend in the Birchbox shop. The points program is very generous. Points add up fast.
  3. My Keurig brewing system. I bought it during holiday sales last year for about 1/3 the retail price. There are many models. I bought the simple, no frills Mini, and I love it. I use it daily. I like the variety of the k-cups, but I also keep a reuseable k-cup for economical brewing.

    Why I can't live without it: I lack the ability to make a decent cup of coffee in a regular coffee maker without wasting three other cups. I always end up brewing four cups and drinking only one. Any less than four, and the coffee doesn't taste right. With my Keurig, I can brew just one cup, just what I need. PS Their online store sends out great ecoupons. It's a good place to stock up on k-cups!
  4. threadUP. It's an online consignment shop. I know I'm a rare breed, but I can't stand going shopping. I'm all for shopping from home. And I'm all for consignment shops. threadUP is both. You can also sell them your gently used clothing. Score!

    Why I can't live without it: threadUP combines two awesome shopping strategies: Buying second-hand, which saves cash, and shopping online, which saves gas (more cash) and sanity (well, therapy isn't free either, so there you go, more cash savings).
  5. Pinterest. Stay with me here. A lot of people see Pinterest as a timesuck. Not me. It is my one, yes one, organizing station. I pin all my meal plans, recipes, craft plans, party ideas, home decor ideas, things to do at our next duty station, holiday ideas, and more. I also keep track of those Pinterest ideas that fail hardcore, and which ones we loved as a family (so we can come back for seconds).

    Why I can't live without it: Because without Pinterest, I would be less productive. I need visual reminders of things I plan to do. Pinterest is great for that.
What can't you live without?

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